Palm Sunday
25th March 2018

Oh Lord, do not leave me alone, my strength, make haste to help me.

We have journeyed with Christ through Lent, from the silence of the wilderness, to the dawning realisation that his whole life has been a preparation for the events that will unfold on Good Friday.

This Sunday, we see the contrast of Jesus’s joyful yet humble procession into Jerusalem. We witness how the same crowd turn against his message of love and compassion and now call for his death. (Gospel) 

The First Reading from Isaiah is a prophecy of the suffering servant. It tells of the willingness with which Jesus enters into his Passion, confident that the Lord will give him strength. The Psalm continues to describe the insults and humiliation that Jesus took upon himself in order to set us free from sin. The response draws on the words that Jesus cried out as his earthly life drew to a close.

In the Second Reading, St. Paul reveals the hidden truth of Christ.

Jesus embraced the frailty and mortality of humanity, so that we could be drawn into the circle of the Trinity, and acclaim with the whole of creation that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

Let us pray for each other as we enter into this Holy Week, that we will each make time to sit in silence with Jesus. Let us be willing to journey with Jesus through his Passion, death and Resurrection.

Prayer in preparation for the
Eucharistic Congress 2018 and for Synod 2020
We thank you Father

For the love you have shown us in the gift of Jesus , your Son.

Keep us grateful each day for the blessings that surround us.

As we are fed by you, so now send us out to share what we have received with our hungry brothers and sisters.

We humbly ask your help to become the Church that you are calling us to be: a community that listens, that trusts, that lives with courage and that puts out its nets into new waters.

May the gentle presence of Christ in our hearts be a source of healing, of new life and of a deeper trust in you.

We ask this in faith, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.
Pope Francis 
Please pray for The Pope and our Shepherds.
God never gives someone a gift they are not capable of receiving. If he gives us the gift of Christmas, it is because we all have the ability to understand and receive it.

Welcome to the Website for the Parishes of

St. Mary Magdalen 

St. Teresa 

St. Oswald

Parishes within the Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool


Click on the link below to see this week's services and times:

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Easter Triduum
Holy Thursday:  Mass of the Lord’s Supper

St. Oswald's: 6:30 pm

St. Teresa's: 8.00 pm followed by Watching until Night Prayer at 9:50 pm 

Good Friday:  Passion Service 

12 noon St. Oswald's; 3:00 pm St. Mary Magdalen's; 3:00 pm St. Teresa's

Easter Vigil Mass (Saturday 31st March)

7:30 pm at St. Teresa's. (No other Masses that day.)

Easter Sunday (1st April)

St. Oswald's: 8:30 am + 11:00 am

St. Teresa's: 9:30 am

St. Mary Magdalen's: 11:00 am